Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A bit of home

I've posted lots of pictures of the abject poverty, depression, and grief in the Philippines. And while this is true, the Philippines is a land of resiliency unlike anywhere I've been. In the face of great disaster, they still smile. The reality of poverty, there is still laughter. The rubbish of neglect, beauty.

And so I thought I'd put together a little slideshow to give you a glimpse of the poverty, but also the incredible beauty of the island nation. Sunsets, coconuts, smiles, ocean, and even Starbucks. :) The pictures are not mine, so the quality is not always the best, but I think you'll get the picture (no pun intended!).


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

new prayer letter...almost

It's amazing how busy one can get when working full time, taking classes part time, and fundraising nearly full time. I'm not complaining, though! My life is full and my flip-flops are being blessed right off my feet!

I just finished a 12 hour shift, then submitted a homework assignment, posting a quick blog update, emptying the dishwasher, then early bed before another 12 hour shift beckons me out of blissful sleep at 5:15am. (Yes, the coffee will be pre-programmed to begin brewing at 5:11am so it's fresh and hot when I climb out of my soft bed!)

There's nothing spectacular about this post...but great things have been happening:
- Spoke at Family Heritage Church, La Quinta with lots of encouragement two Sundays ago
- Spoke with FHC's Classics (seniors), jr high/high school group, and college group last Wednesday
- Spoke at Lakewood Christian School middle school chapel yesterday morning
- Will speak at a Filipino church this Friday night

Oh yeah, and I'm writing my next newsletter which I hope to send to the printers by Friday night, but more realistically Saturday. Crazy? yes...but it's a good crazy and I'm excited for what amazing things God is going to do, not just in my life but in the lives of those around me!

So please pray!
- great speaking time on Friday
- more sharing opportunities (I have just one in Nov and one in Dec!)
- health/stamina
- self-discipline (yes, I am the queen of procrastination)
- wisdom as I write this next prayer letter and that it would bless those who read it

Thanks for your prayers so far...God is moving!