Care Packages!

First of all, I am content. I'm not pining away for "home" as that word has become a bit blurred in my heart. This is not a plea for you to send me something because I need stuff. Honestly, I have more than enough. However there's just something about a letter or care package from you. And I love that many of you have been asking me about them! Here are some things that I miss. Either I can't get them here, or the imported price is so high that it's out of my reach:

  • Flavored syrup for coffee (like toffee, hazelnut, raspberry, peppermint)
  • Candy (Reese's peanut butter cups, anything mint or peanut butter!)
  • iTunes or Amazon gift cards
  • Bath & Body Works handsoap, body soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc... fave scent is Twilight Woods
  • Nuts like pecans, walnuts, almonds and such for baking
  • Chocolate chips (dark, white, butterscotch, etc...)
  • Candles, especially seasonal scents like pumpkin, evergreen, cherry blossom
  • just about anything fun from Trader Joes like Chai Tea, hot cocoa, granola bars, peanut butter pretzels, chocolate, etc...
  • Fun stuff for homemade cards like rubber stamps, paper, cutouts, etc...
  • a note from and pictures of YOU
How to get them to me is tricky. First, ask me if I know of anyone coming out to visit. I know lots of Filipinos who are making frequent trips here to visit their families but who also want to visit me. There may also be a box of ministry stuff about to ship and you can include your care package in with it for free! Leave me a message on this blog or email me and I can help find the fastest/most reliable way to get it to me.