Sunday, April 15, 2012

an uncreative post

I seem to have hit the infamous writers' block. I have no witticisms, no cute sayings, and very little motivation to write anything at all. I think it's the heat, at least that's the easy culprit. No amount of time spent in this country can prepare one for the all-encompassing, impossible to escape heat that assaults the country like 300 people squished into a 50 ft sauna every April and May.

It's the heat that has reduced me to joining my dog by lying belly-down on the less-warm tiles, next to the blasting fan. Yes, I have no pride...or shame.

So, instead of eloquence, I give you bullet points in no particular order.

  • Great time in Hawaii
  • Lots of meetings
  • Lots of networking
  • A really big meeting with a really big foundation followed by a really big meeting with the Philippine director hopefully this week
  • I didn't get sunburned!!!
  • AMAZING sunrise Easter service on the deck of the USS Missouri, aka Mighty Mo
  • Got back to Manila on Tuesday night
  • Got to use my new, pretty ultrasound machine for the first time on Wednesday morning
  • Have a short-term team arrive from the US tomorrow night, staying for 10 days to work on our new building
  • My visa got approved so I will most likely be on the mainland US this summer for a short 4 weeks to be in the wedding of a dear friend and visit some churches. yay!

Life isn't slowing down amidst the dripping, 4 showers-a-day heat. But I will count my blessings, starting with thanking God I'm not pregnant like our patients in this dreadful sweat bath. :)

(Picture below is with one of the Bible Study groups I met with)