Wednesday, August 22, 2012

World of Colors

By popular demand *cough Corina cough*, I snapped some photos of our colorful clinic rooms in our new building. These were painted just this week! Each of the rooms has a color theme (Filipinos LOVE bright colors) and the drapery will match. For example, our postnatal room has one pink accent wall, pink floral tiles in the bathroom, and will have some kind of pink in the curtains (maybe brown with pink polka dots?).

Here we go!

Alternative delivery room has a green theme.
The tiling in the bathroom has a pretty leaf design that I hope to carry out through birth room with live plants.

Our main delivery has a lavender theme, with one colored accent wall.

Here you can see the tile border in the bathroom as well as a small sliver of the accent wall

This is our lemony yellow prenatal room. It is a dark photo, but the regular walls are the same taupe color that is throughout the whole building

This is the bathroom of the prenatal room that has a nifty window leading to the next room for urine specimens

Our postnatal room has a pretty pink accent wall, per Ate Mavis' request.

Close-up of the tile in the postnatal bathroom

Our staff room has a blue accent wall

with fun tiling in the bathroom

This is a bit blurry picture of the main waiting area and entrance. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just another day

It's been a while since I've blogged, and rather than try to catalog in a most boring fashion all the exciting things that happened (trip to the US, a wedding of a friend, too many miles to count traveled, etc...), I'll begin with just another day.

It was prenatals again this morning. Unless it's pouring rain and storming outside, we're pretty much guaranteed at least 100 patients each prenatal morning. It was a long morning of lots of new patient interviews for me with a sonogram tossed in. I love it, but my back was sore by the time I finished. After our Tuesday prayer time with the staff, we walked over to our new building to look at the new paint in each of the rooms. Amazingly beautiful! I can't wait to get fabric for the curtains and decorate.

Finally about 1:30pm, I was getting ready to head for home and walked through our old building. On my way out I saw this young couple, exhausted with their newborn baby lying between them, trying to catch some sleep after the chaos of a prenatal morning. The young mom had given birth around 10am, right in the middle of our prenatals. Since we have just one room for everything, prenatals stopped while she delivered. After she and her baby were cleaned up, they were transferred to a cot on the floor while we finished up. Once the prenatals were over, we moved her to the one "real" bed in the room where she and her boyfriend took a huge sigh of relief and reveled in their new little one. I just couldn't resist snapping a picture with my phone...