Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Stats

Here are some statistics that I learned from the Essential Newborn Care workshop:
  • more than 50% of the Philippine population is below poverty line
  • of those who make minimum wage, about 26% of their income is spent on formula
  • the Philippines is one of 42 countries that accounts for 95% of global under 5yrs mortality
  • 82,000 children die annually in the Philippines, 45% are neonates, with 3 out of 4 dying within the first week of life
  • Strict breastfeeding is the single greatest preventative success in lowering mortality, by 13%
  • Of 25 babies that recently died at a local hospital from an infection outbreak (which shut down the ward!), none had received colostrum
  • At Baguio General Hospital, breastfeeding and couplet care (when baby and mama stay together for duration of stay), has caused an 89% decrease in sepsis in neonates!!
Those are some powerful stats! And it means that we need to educate the poorest of the poor regarding the benefits of breastfeeding and safe health practices. Please pray for me as I work with local doctors and health professionals to develop a curriculum that will meet these needs in a culturally relevant and sensitive way. Thanks!

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  1. Wow! Statistics just have a way of clarifying things! So glad you are there, and I will definitely be praying!